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How to Best Take This Course

This is not just about watching one video. We offer a comprehensive series of videos to understand the events that must take place before Christ returns. Click here to start. 

Our entire video series is about the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14, which culminates in the mark-of-the-beast conflict. To know what it is and why it is important, we recommend starting with our Daniel 1 videos and methodically working through to our Daniel 12 videos. Please critically evaluate everything we say with your own Bible. If you find yourself discovering new truth and growing deeper in knowledge of the word of God and learning more about the redemptive plan of Christ, then (and only then) should you consider going even deeper with our Revelation series.

Very soon the mark-of-the-beast struggle will engulf the entire planet. Revelation 12:17 teaches us that the mark of the beast is a war on God’s people who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus. The mark is not a mystery if you deliberately study the Bible. You can know how close we are to this spiritual war and how it will unfold on the Earth.

We want our viewers to know with confidence what must take place. This series will show that just as God’s people were taken captive to literal Babylon, so too, the church (spiritual Israel) was taken to spiritual Babylon, and God’s people are now coming out into greater truth. God wants His people ready for His soon return. It’s not a time to fear end-time events. It’s a time to be ready. This is the goal of our series. 

The best way to take this course is to…


  • Always start with a short prayer. Ask God to illuminate your heart with His truth. God will hear your sincere prayer, and the Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth.

  • Examine and test the scriptures from your own Bible. Use whatever Bible version you like best. Read along and interact with the text in your Bible. What is being said? Who is saying it? What parts made an impression on you? Your goal is to examine the scriptures with your own eyes.

  • Watch the videos sequentially, starting with Daniel 1. Each video will provide a verse-by-verse explanation for a given chapter. The studies may have one, two, or three parts. Take your time as you watch the videos. Take notes. Seriously. Taking notes will reinforce the material in your mind. Draw out the charts in your notes or download them from the website.

  • Use the Study Guides to go deeper. Use the Study Guides as a reference to go deeper. Have them handy like you are taking a class. Write notes in them. Use them as a reference should you decide to lead a small group Bible study. Click here to purchase the study guides for Daniel.

  • Invest time each week to study. Be purposeful with your time; it is your most valuable resource. Do whatever you need to do to find some quiet time to study. 

We promise you that at the end of this course, you will accurately and confidently know the events that must take place before Christ returns. You will discover that the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation find their center in Jesus Christ and that they shed greater light on the gospels. We pray that you will be blessed by this series and can be a blessing to others as you fulfill the great commission. 

Matthew 28:19-20 “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to follow all that I commanded you; and behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”


God bless you,

John and Jamie

Additional Information About Resources

You can view the complete course index here. All the Daniel videos are available for free. 


If you've finished watching all the Daniel videos and are ready to move on to the Revelation 10-14 studies, click on the links below to watch a lesson. Or click here to purchase all the videos in one package. Each lesson can be purchased for $2, and the funds will go directly to creating more content and spreading these messages.


Study guides are now available for the Daniel 1-9 lessons and the Blue Stone lesson. Funds go directly to creating more content and spreading these messages. Click on the links to purchase and download.

Our prophecy series study guides are now available in print from Amazon and can be purchased here.


Want to use the charts and timelines in your own Bible study classes? Click on the links below to purchase the packages. 


If you have been blessed by these teachings, please consider giving a one-time gift of $50, $75, $100, or a recurring monthly donation through Paypal. Visit our donate page to learn more or to select a different giving level. Your donation will be directly reinvested into maximizing the reach of these teachings as well as creating new content. We are a small personal ministry, and your support is greatly appreciated. 


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Thank you so much for your support! God bless you as you study His word. Remember, it's not a time to fear. God wants His people ready for His soon return!

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