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Daniel 11:40-45

The Time of the End

Daniel 11:40-45 // The Time of the End

Daniel 11:40-45 // The Time of the End

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DANIEL 11:40-45 (1-Part): The last six verses of Daniel 11 are about the time of the end right before Jesus returns. These verses, properly understood, provide vitally important details about what must take place and who will be involved in end-time events. In this study, we’ll identify the King of the North and King of the South. We’ll share how these two powers will manifest themselves at the end of the world. These kings are not traditional kings, but systems and movements in recent history that culminate in a new world order and usher in the mark of the beast. If you’re reading this, you are currently living at Daniel 11 verse 40. Verse 41 is about to begin and involves the mark of the beast struggle. Since you already know exactly what the mark of the beast struggle is all about and how it is an attack on the eternal Gospel (see the Revelation 13 study), we will now go into greater detail about what nation brings about the mark of the beast and how it will then sweep across the world. No one on this planet will escape this struggle. When the events prophesied in this verse begin to unfold, time is very very short before the second coming of Christ. These events will unfold rapidly. God’s people are not to be surprised. They are to be ready and armed with the truth. It’s not a time to fear. God wants His people ready for the soon return of Jesus Christ.

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