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Prophecy Series


A deeply informative Bible study that provides the clearest explanation of the prophecies, their symbolism, and their historical settings.

The purpose of this class is to understand the world events that must take place prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ. This course will guide you through the prophetic material in Daniel and Revelation so that you can know with certainty how end-time events will unfold.  This is not a time to fear, but to get ready! God is reconstituting His church across ALL denominations from every nation, tribe, people, and language in preparation for Christ’s return.

Why Study Prophecy?

In this short video we will give you seven reasons why Bible prophecy matters. These books are not mysteries, nor are they difficult to comprehend. Anyone who sincerely wants to understand them can. 

Daniel 1 - Captive by God's Command

Bible prophecy is not a mystery. Bible prophecy can be understood. This lesson will introduce the theme for the entire book of Daniel and provide the framework to compare literal, ancient, geographic Israel to the spiritual, global church today.
Daniel 2 - The Mystery Revealed

God gave King Nebuchadnezzar a dream to communicate God’s timeline for human history. The meaning and interpretation of the dream gives us encouragement and hope that God is very soon about to establish His eternal kingdom forever. This lesson provides the framework for eschatology and will lay the foundation to go into deeper studies in Daniel and Revelation.

The Blue Stone - Moral Certainty, Living Water, and Eternal Salvation

A multi-layered Bible study that will uncover amazing truths about God’s ten commandments, the sanctuary, the Exodus experience and their significance for us today. If you can only choose one study out of this entire Daniel and Revelation series, choose this one, because it will firmly establish your feet upon the Rock which cannot be shaken and will prepare you for Christ’s soon return.   

Daniel 3 - Fall Down and Worship

The story of three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace provides a vital life lesson for God’s church today. As incredible as it may sound right now, the same pattern of forced worship will come about with the mark of the beast in end-times. This study will also examine the nature of fire and the presence of God as well as reveal how God’s people will be able to stand in His fiery presence at the end of time.

Daniel 4 - The Most High Rules Over Mankind

This study will breakdown Daniel chapter 4 verse by verse to examine King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream about a great tree that reached to the heavens and was later chopped down. The dream was not just for the king but to inform all the inhabitants of the world throughout history of an important truth. 

Daniel 5 - Judgment on Human Pride

During Belshazzar’s feast, a hand appears and writes out a judgment that only Daniel can interpret. What happened in literal, physical, ancient Babylon is a foretaste of what will happen in spiritual world-wide Babylon. We’ll examine the details of this story and compare scripture with scripture between the old testament and the book of Revelation.

Daniel 6 - Laws of Men vs Laws of God

We’ll examine the nature of the accusation against Daniel, and how it provides the pattern of how God’s people will be accused in end-times and threatened with a death penalty. Find out how and why there will be a conflict between the laws of men and the laws of God prior to the second coming of Christ.  

Daniel 7 - Judgment in Favor
of the Saints

Discover more details from the Daniel chapter 2 prophecy regarding the rise and fall of earthly kingdoms. We’ll also witness a heavenly courtroom scene where God is seated to execute judgment against the little horn power that persecutes His people. 

Daniel 8 - The Restoration of the Holy Place

The 2300-day prophecy is the longest time prophecy in the Bible and one of the most significant prophecies for understanding end-time events. In this Bible study, we’re going to discover that Daniel actually sees two visions (Mareh & Chazown), and we’ll unpack how they are related.

Daniel 9 - Explanation of the Mareh

The angel Gabriel visits Daniel to give insight and understanding concerning the previous vision that Daniel did not understand. In this Bible study, the 70 weeks prophecy will be explained, and we’ll uncover more details about how the two visions (Mareh and Chazown) of Daniel chapter 8 are related. 

Feasts - Prophetic Picture of Salvation

In this Bible study we’ll take a close look at the seven Jewish feast days and their prophetic significance to discover greater truth of how the spring Jewish holidays point to the first coming of Christ and fall feasts point to the second coming of Christ (Day of Atonement).

Daniel 10 & 11 - Daniel's Visitation and Explanation of the Chazown

Both visions of Daniel chapter 8 (Mareh and Chazown) are historically related and provide a framework to accurately interpret Daniel chapter 11, one of the most difficult passages to understand in the Bible. This lesson will guide you through a verse by verse explanation of Daniel 11 and equip you with the necessary knowledge to accurately interpret the word of God. 

Michael the Archangel - Who Is Like God?

Who is Michael the Archangel? Why did angels battle over Moses’ body? Why does Satan want Moses’ body? What is the deeper meaning behind the conversation in Jude 9? What is so important about the body of Moses? This Bible study will answer these questions and more.

Daniel 12 - How Blessed is He Who Keeps Waiting

Daniel is instructed to seal up and conceal the message that Gabriel has just delivered to him until the end of time. However, Daniel hears about two more time prophecies that are respectively 1290 and 1335 days. In this Bible study, you'll discover how all the time prophecies of Daniel are related and that there is vital information in chapter 12 that links us to Revelation chapter 10.

Revelation 10 - You Must
Prophesy Again

In this study, we will show you the connection between the book of Daniel and Revelation as well as their prophetic significance. The book that was sealed in Daniel 12, is the exact same book that is now open in Revelation chapter 10. You will discover exactly what happens at the end of the longest time prophecies in Daniel. These prophecies include the time, times, and ½ time, the 1290, the 1335, and the 2300 evenings and mornings.

Revelation 11 - Measure
the Temple

There is much speculation regarding the two witnesses of Revelation 11 and the measuring of the temple of God. The key to rightly discerning the identity of the witnesses and the significance of measuring the temple is to understand that this entire chapter is about judgment.

Revelation 12 -
War Preparations

A long time ago, Lucifer and one-third of the angels rebelled against God and were cast to the Earth. How did Lucifer convince so many angels to follow him? His arguments were so impressive that he actually puts God on trial. That’s right. God, Himself, is the One that Lucifer charges with wrongdoing. To understand the arguments Satan made and how God responded to the accusations, join us for this in-depth lesson.

Revelation 13 -
A War of Worship

There is a final war to be fought on Earth before Christ Jesus returns. It’s the mark of the beast struggle. Contrary to popular thought, the mark of the beast is not a physical tattoo of “666” on the forehead or hand. Nor is it a computer chip embedded under the skin. The mark of the beast is about a war of worship. It is a final test that will determine between those who remain obedient to God and Jesus Christ and those who will purposefully walk in disobedience.

Revelation 14 - The Three
Angels' Messages

Revelation chapter 14 proclaims three distinct and unified messages which are known as the three angels' messages. All three messages are given to the entire world to prepare men and women for the soon return of Christ Jesus. This study will build off all the previous studies, and focus on the third angel’s message, the sternest warning in the Bible.

Daniel 11:40-45 - The Time of the End Explained

The last six verses of Daniel 11 are about the time of the end right before Jesus returns. These verses provide vitally important details about what must take place and who will be involved in end-time events. We’ll identify the King of the North and King of the South and reveal how they will manifest themselves. Finally, we’ll go into greater detail about what nation brings about the mark of the beast and how it will sweep across the world. 

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