Revelation 10 

You Must Prophesy Again

The Little Book of Revelation 10 Explained

The Little Book of Revelation 10 Explained

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REVELATION TEN (1 PART): What is the next chapter after Daniel 12? If you said Hosea 1 you would be sequentially correct. However, contextually for the purpose of understanding end-time prophecies, the next chapter is Revelation 10. In this study, we will show you the connection between the book of Daniel and Revelation as well as their prophetic significance. The book that was sealed in Daniel 12, is the exact same book that is now open in Revelation chapter 10. You will discover exactly what happens at the end of the longest time prophecies in Daniel. These prophecies include the time, times, and ½ time, the 1290, the 1335, and the 2300 evenings and mornings. At first glance, these time prophecies may not appear to be connected to Revelation 10. However, Revelation 10 is the chapter where all the key time prophecies of Daniel conclude! This study reveals the answer to the question asked in Daniel 12, “My lord, what will be the outcome of these events?”. This is where we find real and relevant answers regarding end-time events and an amazing discovery about Jesus Christ’s ministry in the heavenly sanctuary. Why is this important? As soon as Jesus Christ completes this portion of His ministry, He will return again to the Earth. This study will show you the parallels between the captivity of ancient Israel in Babylon, and the spiritual captivity of the Church (spiritual Israel) in spiritual Babylon. However, just as ancient Israel came out of Babylon and returned to Jerusalem, so too, the Church is coming out of spiritual Babylon and God is restoring spiritual Jerusalem. In other words, God is restoring His universal church. As soon as all God’s children come out of spiritual Babylon (Revelation 18), the second coming of Christ will occur. Through this study, you will understand the timing of the first and second angels’ messages (as described in Revelation 14) and what they mean for us today. Be prepared. This study will lay the groundwork to understand Revelation 11 and 12 so that you can know exactly what the mark of the beast is in Revelation 13. It’s not a time to fear. It’s a time to be ready. God wants His people ready for His soon return!  


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