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Help us reach 1 million people worldwide with these important end-time truths.

If you have been blessed by our content, we pray that you will consider a recurring monthly donation. 

You can help spread these teachings and prepare men and women across the globe to remain faithful and obedient to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your partnership can help ensure that many will be prepared for end-time events and understand all the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.


Our goal is to ensure men and women across the world understand deep truths about Jesus Christ and His eternal covenant. Equally important is for them to discover what the Bible says about Satan’s deception to fool the world with the mark of the beast. 

End-time events are upon us, but it’s not a time to fear. It’s a time to be ready! God wants His people ready and armed with the truth about what will take place very soon! 


Your support will help reach hundreds and possibly thousands of people. As you may know, many people don’t have a home church, but spend their time on YouTube, social media, and other internet platforms searching for answers to end-time events. We pray you can partner with us and help put them on a path so they can face the future unafraid and be ready for Christ’s soon return!

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Note: The below packages listing also includes the Revelation Video package. The video package is valid for 2 years and is a one-time payment.