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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Let us know if you have any other questions here.

  • What is Angels in the Glen?
    Angels in the Glen is currently a digital ministry with a mission to guide men and women around the world to a deep understanding of end-time prophetic truth so that they will be ready for the soon return of Jesus Christ. We believe many are searching to know with certainty how, when, and where the end-time events of Daniel and Revelation will take place. We consider it a privilege to guide you to Biblical truth, encourage you to grow stronger in your knowledge of Christ, inspire you to share these truths with others, and empower you to face the future unafraid, ready to witness the second coming of the LORD Jesus Christ.
  • When did Angels in the Glen begin?
    The Angels in the Glen digital ministry began in January 2020. It was originally inspired by a sermon given by Pastor Michael Oxentenko called “Angels in the Glen Again.”
  • Why was Angels in the Glen created?
    Angels in the Glen was created to prepare God’s people for Christ’s soon return. We want to empower God’s people with Biblical truths in the final days to combat every false teaching and false wonder. We also recognized the lack of in-depth teachings on Daniel and Revelation and wanted to provide resources to enable men and women around the world to confidently know how close we are to end-time events, what will happen, and that they can face the future unafraid.
  • Where did this insight about the prophecies come from?
    This question will be fully answered as you go through this course, but in short, God began revealing these truths to His church, across many denominations, during the early 1800’s. These truths began to unfold when the major time prophecies in Daniel and Revelation were being fulfilled. This includes the time, times, and ½ time prophecy as well as the 1260, 1290, 1335, and 2300 evenings and mornings time prophecies. This material is built off the Protestant Reformation of justification by faith alone and continues to advance as God sheds greater light into His church, preparing His people for the second coming of Jesus Christ.
  • Is Angels in the Glen a non-profit organization?
    Currently, Angels in the Glen is a personal ministry and operates as an LLC. Angels in the Glen may become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the future.
  • How can I donate or contribute to Angels in the Glen?
    There are two primary ways you can donate or contribute. 1) You can purchase any of the study guides, slides, or Revelation videos; or 2) Visit our donate page to make a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation through Paypal or Patreon. Or send a check to our ministry's mailbox address: ANGELS IN THE GLEN; 429 Meadowbrook Shopping Center #1012; Culpeper, VA 22701
  • How will Angels in the Glen use my money when I purchase a resource or give a donation?
    The majority of your dollars will be used to grow the digital presence of this ministry across the United States and the world. Your donations will be directly reinvested into maximizing the reach of these truths as well as creating new content. In the future we believe that your dollars could also support other ministries who are independently teaching and sharing these important messages. Our commitment is to reach the largest possible audience across many communication platforms. The goal is to fulfill our role in the Great Commission. Your generosity plays a vital role in helping Angels in the Glen spread these important prophetic teachings around the world. Angels in the Glen is committed to full accountability, transparency, and financial stewardship with every dollar received. We will publish annual reports, IRS forms, and related documents.
  • How can I partner with Angels in the Glen?
    Click here to fill out a form letting us know you want to partner with us. We will assist you with teaching and sharing these resources. We also want to provide you with updates and links to additional resources as they become available.
  • What church denomination is Angels in the Glen associated with?
    Angels in the Glen is an independent Bible research and teaching ministry. We are not sponsored by any church denomination. However, we are members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and believe in the Biblical teachings of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.
  • What company filmed and produced these videos?
    Scene Alive. Click here to go to their website.
  • Is Angels in the Glen Trademarked?
    Yes, Angels in the Glen is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • What is your mailing address?
    Our ministry's mailbox address is: ANGELS IN THE GLEN 429 Meadowbrook Shopping Center #1012 Culpeper, VA 22701
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