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Print & Kindle Resources 
Available through Amazon

Our prophecy series study guides are now available in print and Kindle from Amazon. These study guides are the companion books to the videos from the Bible prophecy series. The purpose of these study guides is to help you understand the world events that must take place prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ. This course will guide you through the prophetic material in Daniel and Revelation so that you can know with certainty how end-time events will unfold. Use these study guides, along with the videos, to conduct in-home Bible studies.

Click on the links below to purchase these books from Amazon. Click here to download digital versions of the study guides at a lower cost. 

To keep the price of the printed books low, they are generally printed in black and white, including the charts. However, full-color versions of select study guides are available at a higher price when we felt that color added needed clarity to the text and charts.

Kindle versions are available for Daniel 1-9 and the Blue Stone study for $3.99. Just click on the links below and select Kindle.

Check back regularly for new items.

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