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Prophetic Fulfillment of the Biblical Feasts

A Prophetic Picture of Salvation

Jewish Feasts and their Prophetic Meanings - 2 Parts

Jewish Feasts and their Prophetic Meanings - 2 Parts

Jewish Feasts and their Prophetic Meanings, Spring Jewish Holidays and the First Coming of Christ P1

Day of Atonement and the Second Coming, The Prophetic Significance of the Holy Days – Feasts Part 2

JEWISH FESTIVAL SYSTEM (2 PARTS): God provided ancient Israel a prophetic picture of His plan of salvation through the Biblical Jewish holidays. There are seven feasts in the Jewish festival system which occur during the spring and fall harvests. God built the Holy Days around the seasons, so nature would remind his people of this pattern. In this Bible study, we’ll take a close look at the seven Jewish feast days and their prophetic significance to discover greater truth of how the spring Jewish holidays point to the first coming of Christ and fall feasts point to the second coming of Christ (Day of Atonement). There is one overlooked feature of the Jewish festival system and that is the summer months. While there were no feasts celebrated during the summer months, this period points us to an important prophetic truth and demonstrates to us what happened during the time between Christ’s first coming and before His second coming. This study will unpack the Jewish feasts and their prophetic meanings and give you the prophetic framework of God’s plan of salvation. In addition, you’ll see how close we are to the second coming of Christ. The LORD Jesus Christ wants His people eagerly waiting and ready for His return!

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