Revelation 11 

Measure the Temple

Revelation 11 Explained – Measuring the Temple

Revelation 11 Explained – Measuring the Temple

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REVELATION 11 (1 Part): There is much speculation regarding the two witnesses of Revelation 11 and the measuring of the temple of God. The key to rightly discerning the identity of the witnesses and the significance of measuring the temple is to understand that this entire chapter is about judgment. For example, what is the purpose of a witness? A witness provides testimony in a court of law. Witnesses give oral or written evidence to what they saw or heard. Why is their role important? Based on the evidence they provide, the court will be able to render a judgment. Credible witnesses to the scene of a crime frighten criminals. The criminals know that if credible witnesses take the stand, they will be found guilty. In Revelation chapter 11, we’re going to identify the two witnesses and unpack how their testimony causes their enemies to kill them. They remain dead for three and a half days. These are not 24-hour day periods, but prophetic years. This heavenly judgment results in a great earthquake, but it's not a literal earthquake. Rather, it’s a spiritual earthquake representing the most significant event in Western history. The second woe is past. Get ready! We’re about to discover an amazing truth about Jesus Christ and His heavenly ministry, because the mystery of God is finished. Join us to find out what this mystery is about and discover amazing truths as Revelation 11 moves us spiritually into the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary.

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