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Revelation 12 

War Preparations

Revelation 12 Explained in Detail

Revelation 12 Explained in Detail

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Revelation 12 (1 Part): A long time ago, there was war in heaven. Lucifer and one-third of the angels rebelled against God and were cast to the Earth. Why and how could this happen? How did Lucifer convince so many angels to follow him? What arguments or reasons did Lucifer put forward that could cause discord among the heavenly beings who lived in perfection? In this lesson, we’re going to uncover the powerful arguments Lucifer put forth. His arguments were so impressive that he actually puts God on trial. That’s right. God, Himself, is the One that Lucifer charges with wrongdoing. His arguments are so compelling that God does not destroy Lucifer but must allow the arguments to be fully realized. Over time, God would deal with each accusation in His own way. To understand the arguments Satan made and how God responded to the accusations, join us for this in-depth lesson. In addition, we’ll discover an important truth for today. Lucifer (now called the devil, and Satan, the serpent of old) is right now making special preparations to continue his war on the Earth through the mark of the beast struggle. He is bent on destroying the last stronghold that holds him back from overtaking the entire Christian Church. What or who is the stronghold and how is he going to remove it? We'll cover all this and more as we identify the woman clothed with the sun, the male child, and the war of the great red dragon.

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