Revelation 13 

A War of Worship

Revelation 13 - A War of Worship

Revelation 13 - A War of Worship

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Revelation 13 (1 Part): There is one final war to be fought on Earth before Christ Jesus returns. It’s the mark of the beast struggle. Contrary to popular Hollywood movies and even mainstream Christian theology, the mark of the beast is not a physical tattoo of “666” on the forehead or hand. Nor is it a computer chip embedded under the skin. The mark of the beast is about a war of worship. It is a final test that will determine between those who remain obedient to God and Jesus Christ and those who will purposefully walk in disobedience. We will show you how Satan plans to deceive the entire world through a very convincing argument that will sound appealing and beneficial to the vast majority of religious leaders. Not only will we discover what the mark is, but why it is what it is. We’ll use scripture to interpret scripture and show you that the mark is an attack on the eternal gospel of Jesus Christ. We’ll also explain how the mark of the beast is a direct contrast to the seal of God. The struggle is real and is about to engulf the entire world. In this important Bible study, you’ll learn what the mark of the beast is and understand what the seal of God is. It’s not a time to be confused or fearful. It’s a time to be ready! God wants His people to know the truth and be ready to stand confidently on God’s word just like Daniel and his friends did in ancient Babylon. This lesson will show you the truth by which you can stand on the Rock and not be shaken. This truth will enable you to understand the everlasting gospel at a deeper level and see right through Satan’s sophistry. Christ is coming soon. May we all be ready. 

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