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Angels in the Glen Resources

This 54-page study guide will cover the following:
- Daniel 1 Review 
- Daniel 2 Introduction 
- Why does the king have a troubled dream?                                          
- Why is the king’s punishment so severe if the wise men don’t interpret the dream? What does this reveal about the king?
- How do the wise men respond to the King’s request to interpret his dream? What does this reveal about them?
- How does Daniel respond to the King’s orders to destroy the wise men? What does this reveal about him?

- What is Daniel’s response after God reveals the mystery to him?    

- Compare Arioch’s and Daniel’s responses to the king. What do these responses reveal?

- What was the king’s dream?  

- What is the interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream?   

- If Jesus Christ is the stone, then why wasn’t the kingdom of God ushered in at Christ’s 1st coming?

- What does the interpretation of the king’s dream mean for us today?

- What is the King’s reaction when the mystery is revealed?   

- What other symbolic insights can we discern from the metal man statue?

- How could Daniel have completed three years of training and be recognized as one of the wise men if the king had the dream in his second year of reign?

Daniel 2 Study Guide - 54 Pages, PDF

  • This study guide is intended for individual use for personal Bible study. The study guide or any portion of this study guide may not be replicated, reprinted, copied, forwarded, or otherwise duplicated for distribution. However, the principles, ideas, and thoughts contained within this study guide may be freely shared when teaching the Bible in small or large group settings, forums, or gatherings.