Angels in the Glen Resources

This 65-page study guide will cover the following:
- Daniel 1-6 Review

- Daniel 7 Introduction

- Daniel 2 Framework Review

- What is the principle of the Bible interpreting the Bible?

- Who are the four beasts in Daniel 7?

- What is the heavenly judgment about?

- Who is being judged?

- Who is the Son of Man? Why does He come up to the Ancient of Days?

- How does the sequence of events in Daniel 7 match with Daniel 2?

- What other sequence of events should we notice in Daniel 7?

- What are ten characteristics of the little horn?

- How do you calculate the length of the time, times, and half-a-time prophecy?

- What other Biblical information should we consider before we identify the little horn?

- Who is this little horn?

- Who are the three horns? Why were they removed?

- Why the little horn cannot be Antiochus Epiphanes?

- Daniel 7 Summary 

Daniel 7 Study Guide - 65 Pages, PDF

  • This study guide is intended for individual use for personal Bible study. The study guide or any portion of this study guide may not be replicated, reprinted, copied, forwarded, or otherwise duplicated for distribution. However, the principles, ideas, and thoughts contained within this study guide may be freely shared when teaching the Bible in small or large group settings, forums, or gatherings.