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This 47-page study guide will cover the following:

- Daniel 4 Review.

- Daniel 5 Introduction.

- When was the judgment of Babylon predicted in the Bible?

- How does the judgment of literal Babylon give us a foretaste of what will happen in spiritual Babylon?

- What effect did wine have on the king and his nobles? What does the Bible say about wine and its effects?

- How does King Belshazzar react to the writing on the wall?

- Why couldn’t the king or his wise men understand the handwriting on the wall?

- Why wasn’t the queen at the banquet? What advice does she give the king?

- What does the king say to Daniel once he is brought in?

- What do we learn from Daniel’s response to the king?

- What does the inscription MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN mean?

- What are Belshazzar’s last orders before he is slain?

- A comparison between literal Babylon and spiritual Babylon.

- What brings about the judgment of literal Babylon? How does this compare with what will happen in spiritual Babylon?

- Summary of Daniel 5 

Daniel 5 Study Guide - 47 Pages, PDF

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