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This 49-page study guide will help you answer the following questions:

- Why should we study Bible Prophecy? 
- What is the principle of the literal and the spiritual when interpreting end-time prophecies?

- Why is the first half of the book of Daniel in the form of stories while the second half is all prophecy?

- Why did God allow King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon to attack His people and His holy city?

- What is the theme of the entire book of Daniel? Why is this important to know?

- What is the significance of biblical names and their meanings in the Bible?

- How does Daniel’s decision to not defile himself apply to our own daily choices?

- What is the day-year principle? How do we use this principle to accurately understand the time prophecies of Daniel and Revelation?

Daniel 1 Study Guide - 49 Pages, PDF (FREE with promo code DANIEL1)

  • This study guide is intended for individual use for personal Bible study. The study guide or any portion of this study guide may not be replicated, reprinted, copied, forwarded, or otherwise duplicated for distribution. However, the principles, ideas, and thoughts contained within this study guide may be freely shared when teaching the Bible in small or large group settings, forums, or gatherings.