Angels in the Glen Resources

This 66-page study guide will cover the following:
- Introduction to the Blue Stone Study  
Daniel 2 Review: The Stone that Struck the Image  
What is the Exodus Experience? 

What is the Moses Sanctuary? 
What are the parallels between the Exodus Experience and Moses’s Sanctuary?
What was Moses’s experience when God called him to Mt. Sinai?
- What truths can we discover about the throne of God? 

What are the parallels between Moses’s experience on the mountain and the Sanctuary? What truths can we discover?

What truths can we discover from God’s command to strike the rock in the wilderness?

What do we learn from Moses’s disobedience when he struck the rock?

- What truth can we discover between the first set of commandments that Moses shattered and the second set of commandments that replaced them?

Blue Stone Study Guide - 66 Pages, PDF

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