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Angels in the Glen Resources

This 39-page study guide will cover the following:

- Daniel 5 Review.  

- Daniel 6 Introduction.   

What does Darius see in Daniel?  

Why is the law of God used to accuse Daniel?  

How do the commissioners and satraps plot to accuse Daniel?

What does Daniel do when he knows the law was signed?  

How does Darius respond to the accusation against Daniel? 

What are the king’s next steps?  

What can we say about Daniel’s deliverance?  

Why were the wives and children thrown into the lions’ den?  

Why are the king’s final words important?  

What are the parallels between Daniel 6 and the mark of the beast?
How does Daniel 3 and 6 compare with the events that will occur in end-times?

- Daniel 6 Summary.  

Daniel 6 Study Guide - 39 Pages, PDF