Angels in the Glen Resources

This 79-page study guide will cover the following:

- Daniel 7 review

- Daniel 8 introduction: Daniel sees two visions: the chazown and the mareh

- What is the first vision Daniel sees? What is the chazown about?

- The traditional view of the small horn 

- The actual identity of the small horn –  horizontal and vertical conquests

- Who are the host and stars?

- Who is the Commander of the host?

- Why are the symbols of the ram and goat important?

- The small horn repeats the same actions as King Nebuchadnezzar

- What is “the regular sacrifice”?

- What is the foundation of God’s Sanctuary?

- What is the second vision Daniel sees? What is the mareh about?

- Why Antiochus Epiphanes IV cannot be the small horn of Daniel 8:9

- Daniel 8 summary

Daniel 8 Study Guide - 79 Pages, PDF

  • This study guide is intended for individual use for personal Bible study. The study guide or any portion of this study guide may not be replicated, reprinted, copied, forwarded, or otherwise duplicated for distribution. However, the principles, ideas, and thoughts contained within this study guide may be freely shared when teaching the Bible in small or large group settings, forums, or gatherings.