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Angels in the Glen Resources

This 46-page study guide will cover the following:

- Review of Daniel 1, Daniel 2, and Blue Stone 

- Daniel 3 Overview 

- What are the three principle views of Prophecy held by Christians today?

- Compare the pattern of the gold image the king sets up and the Mark of the Beast in Revelation.

- Why does King Nebuchadnezzar set up the gold image in the first place?

- Who brings charges against the three Jewish men? 

- How does the king react to these charges?

- How do the three Jewish men respond to the king? 

- How does the king react to their refusal to bow down and worship?

- What happens when they are thrown into the fiery furnace?

- What are the king’s final words and actions?  

- What does the Bible teach about the personal and physical presence of God?

- What does the Bible teach about the nature of fire?

- Why wasn’t King Nebuchadnezzar consumed by the fire? 

- Summary  

Daniel 3 Study Guide - 46 Pages, PDF

  • This study guide is intended for individual use for personal Bible study. The study guide or any portion of this study guide may not be replicated, reprinted, copied, forwarded, or otherwise duplicated for distribution. However, the principles, ideas, and thoughts contained within this study guide may be freely shared when teaching the Bible in small or large group settings, forums, or gatherings.

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