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Our goal is to equip 1 million people in major cities around North America and beyond with these teachings. There is much work to be done to share these important messages and prepare God's people for Christ's soon return. If you’ve been blessed and inspired by any of these truths and want to see these resources spread to a wider audience across the United States and the world, please consider making a donation. 


The majority of your dollars will be used to grow the digital presence of this ministry across the United States and the world. Your donation will be directly reinvested into maximizing the reach of these teachings as well as creating new content. In the future, we believe that your dollars could also support other ministries who are independently teaching and sharing these important messages. Our commitment is to reach the largest possible audience across many communication platforms. The goal is to fulfill our role in the Great Commission. Your generosity plays a vital role in helping Angels in the Glen spread these important prophetic teachings around the world. Angels in the Glen is committed to full accountability, transparency, and financial stewardship with every dollar received.


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Angels in the Glen is a personal ministry and operates as an LLC. Therefore, your gift will not be tax-deductible. 



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