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The Sabbath was Made for Me
Print & Kindle versions available through Amazon for Ages 0-6

This illustrated book explains the importance of the seventh day Sabbath in easy-to-understand terms for young children. The Biblical Sabbath is more than just a day of rest, it's a day to renew our covenant relationship with our Creator and Redeemer. The book begins with the seven days of creation and then explains why the seventh day is set apart and special. The book covers themes of creation, salvation by grace, and developing a personal relationship with God/Jesus. There are 23 pages of content, and adults are encouraged to engage children with reflective questions about the Sabbath.

Each book in this series has the same internal contents, but parents are encouraged to choose the version with a cover that best represents the child or children the book is intended for. 

Can't find a cover that best represents your child or children? Contact us, and we'll do our best to create a custom cover image that meets your needs. 

For bulk pricing discounts, contact us.

We now offer two options in Spanish.
Please contact us if you would like to help translate this book into additional languages. 

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